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The Chronicon Lusitanum records the death Kal Mai in 1152 (1114) of Comes D. Comite Dono Henrico..uxore mea Infante Dona Taraxea granted privileges to Villa Constantin de Panonias, confirmed by Infans Dono Alfoso filius Henrici comiti et uxor mea Infante Dona Taraxia, by charter dated 1096The dating clause of a charter dated , under which "Pelayo Xemeniz" donated land en Ville Ceide... (Coimbra -Mallorca , bur Palma de Mallorca, San Francisco). The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D. to the monastery of San Salvador, records Sanxus comes in Toro et alius comes domino Ancricco in Auctario de Selles, comes Remundus tenente in Coria et in Zamora. The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D. Count Henri's widow Teresa adopted the title Queen of Portugal in 1117. Her son Conde Afonso expelled Queen Teresa from Portugal in 1128 and proclaimed himself king of Portugal in 1139.

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