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He served around the world as a humanitarian aid worker. ] came home, she spent about two years in and around her house. But she didn't have any formal experience working with kids in different programs. If we live with courage, and we set that kind of example, every one of us-- no matter the difficulties that we're facing, no matter the fears that we're facing-- every person in this room has the potential to be an agent of positive social change. Upon the approval from the school, the request then goes to the Army Education Officer for approval.And he is also a decorated Navy SEAL, who saw action during four deployments to war zones. She had troops to run, missions to conduct, operations to execute. When we came to her through The Mission Continues we asked her, [? Once the request is approved by both the school and the Education Officer, you need to go back into the Go Army Ed Portal to save the TA Authorization Form and send the document to [email protected] CC [email protected] BRANCH: This horse is going to take care of that person. LYNN KLIMAS PETR: They come to us feeling like they're not whole.And we put them on a horse and prove that they are. And he's man, I think, that's out there trying to bring that world that could be within reach.Our online programs and 24-hour support services are ideal for current and former military members and their families who wish to advance their service or civilian careers while accommodating potentially unpredictable schedules.We serve more than 5,100 military students, and our support specialists offer enrollment help, financial navigation, and career counseling, among other services.

So if we're fortune to make a greater difference in a number of people's lives, that's even better.As part of Walden’s mission to help effect positive social change, we strive to provide knowledge, tools, and skills to those who have proudly represented our country and now wish to build on their experience and continue to make a difference.Whether you are currently serving our country, have served in the past, or support family members who serve, you will find a military-friendly learning community that understands your goals and shares your dedication to service.I want to leave this world knowing that each and every day, I did all I could to make a difference. ] not only became a Big Sister, but she also helped them to run a summer camp program. ] at Big Brothers Big Sisters, because she would look at every single one of those kids and she would say to them, you have no excuse. ] today, is on her way to becoming a pediatric nurse. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Note: You must be registered for an upcoming term to submit a TA request.NARRATOR: Eric Greitens was a Rhodes scholar who earned his Ph D at Oxford. And that she'd thought before that maybe one day after she left the Army she might become a pediatric nurse. ] with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Clarksville, Tennessee. Now as many of you know, a lot of the kids from Big Brothers Big Sisters, they come from difficult backgrounds. I believe in you, absolutely, and I know what you are capable of becoming. What I've learned in all of this work and the work that we're doing with wounded and disabled veterans, and the work that we did with refugees, and the work that we've done with street children, what I've learned in all of this is that every single one of us who is here in this room has an incredible potential to create hope in the lives of others. The Walden Office of Military Services will either approve or reject the TA request according to Army guidelines.

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The goal of the Lex Lin Foundation is to breed quality purebred gypsy vanners and to connect them with therapy centers throughout the country.

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