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It is also of concern to us that you were driving in this way with two young children in the vehicle.I hope the ramifications that you could cause to somebody are clear to you now.'Latkos was fined £750 and was banned from the roads for nine months.The paper then examines the details of this agenda with respect to unionized public employees, non-unionized public employees, and unionized private-sector workers.Finally, the bulk of the report details the corporate-backed agenda for non-union, private-sector workers as concerns the minimum wage, wage theft, child labor, overtime, misclassification of employees as independent contractors, sick leave, workplace safety standards, meal breaks, employment discrimination, and unemployment insurance.I won't lose my job if I cannot drive.'Lakatos admitted driving a car without a licence or insurance and also pleaded guilty to driving a car in manner carried likely to cause danger by having two young children travelling in the front passenger seat.

Two years later, however, it is clear that the attack on public employee unions has been part of a broader agenda aiming to cut wages and benefits and erode working conditions and legal protections for all workers—whether union or non-union, in the public and private sectors alike.

Factory worker Jozef Lakatos, 27, from Hungary, was pulled over after a police patrol spotted the youngsters sat in the front passenger seat of his Audi A3 last June near his home in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Inquiries revealed Lakatos had no driving licence or insurance to drive the car - and had previous convictions for similar matters.

This push to erode labor standards, undercut wages, and undermine unions has been advanced by policymakers pursuing a misguided economic agenda working in tandem with the major corporate lobbies.

The report highlights legislation authored or supported by major corporate lobbies such as the Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business, and National Association of Manufacturers—and by corporate-funded lobbying organizations such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Americans for Tax Reform, and Americans for Prosperity—in order to draw the clearest possible picture of the legislative and economic policy agenda of the country’s most powerful economic actors.

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Drivers in the UK can be as young as 17 but have to apply for a provisional licence before passing a theory and practical driving test.

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