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These tools are unofficial and using them can be a daunting task. If you do this and try to use Cydia, you will get “Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status – open (2: no such file or directory)” error. Kill Settings with app switcher and search for it again. Make sure you don’t have gmail extension address as the id ([email protected]). If it still doesn’t work, try resetting your network settings. Follow our Troubleshooting FAQ to fix all errors Yalu throws at you. Substrate is disabled by default so you need to enable it after each reboot using mach_portal. The tool does not understand emails containing the plus sign (use [email protected] instead). It is amazing that he continues to maintain Cydia even though he is losing “thousands of dollars” every month.We are fast approaching the 10th anniversary of Cydia, which has been installed on more than 30 million jailbroken i OS devices.However if you are new to the world of jailbreaking figuring even most basic things out can be tricky.That’s why we have created this simple guide to tell you how to install Cydia Substrate (Mobile Substrate) to make Cydia and tweaks fully compatible with your i OS device and solve different problems related to the jailbreak.

I now have a “day job” where I spend a bunch of my earnings to pay for it (which I then have to balance with Cydia work). Follow this tutorial to properly SSH into your i OS 10 device. Yalu jailbreak will keep functioning even after 7 days as long as your device doesn’t reboot. Cydia is crashing and not working because you can’t get into jailbreak mode. Run mach portal application and the jailbreak process will be successful. You can use OSRestore X or Semi Restore 10 for restoring your device. If you get the same error while trying to install “Stashing for i OS 9.2 – 10.1.1”, remove a few tweaks, install it and then install the tweaks back again. This error has been fixed in the latest update of Cydia. Here’s how to fix this –This will reconfigure the broken Debian packages. Reinstalling the Cydia Installer is highly recommended. This error occurs mainly due to the “erase all content and settings” feature. Open MTerminal and type the following commands –This error will be fixed now. It is strongly recommended that you do not install them. If you use Open SSH, it will cause issues with the final jailbreak. To fix this, add to Cydia and install “Stashing for i OS 9.2 – 10.1.1”. This will fix the “target translation” Cydia error. This error occurs when 100 percent of system partition memory of your storage gets used up. You can easily check your storage stats with i Cleaner Pro tweak. You can also delete the native wallpapers that come bundled on i OS 10. This error occurs when Debian Packager is interrupted while configuring Cydia tweaks. If you already know how to convert into .ipa, you skip to the installation below.No matter how advanced a user you are, you can still get errors while tinkering around with a jailbreak.

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He has also mentioned that quite a lot of work needs to be done.

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