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Birth of an Air Force On January 17th, 1991, the Savanoriskoji Krasto Apsaugos Tarnyba (Voluntary Border Defence Service, or Border Guard) was established.

This can be considered as a first step to establish its own air defence since Soviet occupation.

The sole An-24B and three An-26Bs were obtained in November 1994 from the civil airline fleet in Lithuania.

The four Antonov's were taken on charge with II. Operations with the An-24 did not last for long, in 1996 the aircraft was donated to the same museum as the Mi-2 went to.

This airfield was used by two dozen civil Antonov An-2s of which 20 were implemented into the Aviation Service, immediately being painted with the insignia last used before the Soviet occupation, the Vycio Kryzius (Vytis Cross). Vegelevicius, and from civil agricultural aircraft. To maintain their flying skills, not only were An-2 aircraft flown, but civil aircraft, like the Yak-18T and Yak-52, were also flown out of Pociunai. Changes With the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Zokniai in June 1993, a huge airbase became available for operations.

This happened just on time because with presence of two Let L-410UVP Turbolets (which arrived on March 3rd, 1993), four L-39Cs and 20 An-2s, Barysiai became overloaded.

* The previous list may be incomplete at any given time.

Until August 1st, 2000, two L-39 squadrons existed in the Lithuanian Air Force: 11th squadron at Zokniai and 21st squadron at Pajuostis (no aircraft assigned). One Mi-8T crash landed at Zokniai during a flight on July 24th, 1997, sustaining only minor damage. 2, LT-02188 Vilnius, Lithuania Company code: 210060460 VAT code: LT100604610 This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.It took until December 1994 before the KOP left Barysiai for Zokniai (becoming the 1st Air Base). This changed in 2000 when the Air Force started to use two hangars and a headquarters was established at the airfield.Plans also existed to establish units at two other former Soviet airbases, Pajuostis and Kazlu Ruda.

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However, the Soviets were still present at this time and it took till September 6th, 1991 until the Soviets recognised the country as an independent state.

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