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Remember I told you that I have to be extra cautious about who to share the technique with?

Well, this is the method that I use to screen through the people who want to learn Fractionation from me – so that I don’t mistakenly teach it to psychopaths or criminals. Yours, fter Richie left my house that day, I didn’t hear from him for a few weeks.

“I might just need to start taking crazy pills if you don’t.” As soon as Richie walked into our coaching pad here in sunny San Diego, he began blurting out his women problems. Soon, he started to see an uptick in his dating life again, seeing a couple of women over a series of casual dates. “I don’t know what to do,” he continued, “I’ve only just met her. That was one of the first things that I learned in Shogun Method.” I nodded. (Don’t believe anyone who’s going to tell you otherwise.) It’s pretty serious business, no doubt about it. He will have to deal with this nasty picture in his mind of you sticking your dick into his wife’s multiple orifices. No matter if he deserves it or not, he’s going to go through . So you’ve pretty much decided to give it a shot and take the proverbial plunge. You’re as fucked up as the rest of us here in the Shogun Method world. You want to know how to seduce a married woman and make her dump her husband for you. If you want the awkward social niceties of modern dating to be a thing of the past, I have one word for you… e’ll dig deep into what Fractionation is in a minute, so hang on for a moment, alright? The guys who take women from their husbands after only knowing them two weeks might just be using a Deep down, you know you would, right? This is especially true when it comes to seduction. And when the subconscious is in the driver’s seat, then the person is pretty much under the thumb of the hypnotist.

Thankfully, Richie was a rapid learner, and he consumed the Shogun Method like a duck takes to water. “When it comes to the matters of the heart, they are an emotionally-driven animal. I’ll tell you everything you need to know on how to seduce a married woman.” We’ll hear how Richie fared later, but for now, let’s talk about what for the woman that you’re going after. If you were turned off by my little rant there, then you wouldn’t have any business trying to entangle yourself with a married woman (and her potentially lunatic husband). If this sounds like your idea of heaven, I’ve got some good news for you.

A bespectacled, skinny dude with a pronounced Southie accent (he had grown up in Boston before moving to San Diego for college), he was the definitive embodiment of Mr Average.

Richie was a new private client of mine I’d only met a few weeks previously.

A virgin until he was in college, he was unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend when he walked into her cheating on him with his roommate. “Because you shouldn’t expect women to think and act rationally, that’s why.” “This, I already know,” Richie said.

Now let’s quickly dive into the inner workings of Fractionation.What are the chances she’d leave her husband for me? “I’m going to tell you something about women which you remember for the rest of your life.” “I’m listening.” “Ever heard stories of a woman leaving her husband of twenty years to run off with a guy she’s just met? “So, even if her husband is the one that pays the bills and keeps her in handbags,” I continued, “she’ll still go wherever her heart tells her to.” Richie was beginning to see my point. There’s a real possibility of really fucking it all up – if you don’t know what you’re doing. (In fact, once you’re done reading this article in its entirety, you know more about how to attract a married woman than most guys you’ll ever meet.) Congratulations. What if I told you there is actually a woman you see – whether it’s the sultry barmaid at your local watering hole or the mature married lady who works in the finance department – will pretty much get you permanently stuck in her mind like a big fat South African leech. 🙂 The truth is that Fractionation is all around us. First, there’s something we need to address regarding the process of seducing women. Whether it’s a job, a promotion, a sale, or to get anyone to do our bidding… Of course, modern dating and “Pickup Artist” (also known as PUA) style advice has us believing that if we’re nice, honest guys that we’ll eventually get the girl. Ever wondered how professional hypnotists can make a person do pretty much whatever they want?You’re now a Ph D in the dark arts of enticing a married woman (and as a side effect, cuckolding a guy). You’ve probably seen it in a million different places already, but you never noticed it. Cluck like a chicken, dance around the room, make love to a broomstick? This same principle works amazingly well when it comes to seducing women.If you are wondering how to seduce a woman and the killer ways to make a woman love you then you are definitely at the right place and the right time.In this rather short blog post I will share with you some things I know when it comes to love, dating and relationships.

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