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You should have three copies of all of your forms whenever you go to the Courthouse: one copy for yourself, one for the other party, and the original copy for the Court.Once the Statement of Claim for Divorce is filed at the Courthouse, it must be “served” on the Defendant (your spouse).In many cases, during a separation spouses will live in two different places however, this is not required.Due to financial or other family circumstances, spouses may decide to reside in the same home during the year of separation. If you and your spouse decide to separate, there is no need to start divorce proceedings right away. The Waiting Period Where can I get help or more information?In the Divorce Act there is only one official reason for a divorce: marriage breakdown.According to this statute, there are 3 ways that marriage breakdown can happen: You and your spouse must have lived separate and apart for at least one year prior to a Divorce Judgment.

The third ground for divorce is if there is cruelty. Cruelty only needs to happen once before a spouse may ask a Justice for a divorce.This means that it must be personally delivered to the Defendant.Please note that the Statement of Claim MUST be delivered to the Defendant by someone OTHER than you.Normally, it will be very difficult, expensive and time-consuming for the spouse filing for divorce to prove the other spouse’s adultery in court, unless the adulterer is willing to admit to their infidelity in a sworn court document.If you are the one using adultery as the reason you are getting a divorce, you do not have to wait a year before starting or completing the divorce proceedings.

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Only the spouse who did not commit adultery can file for divorce if you are choosing to use this as your reason for the divorce.

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