Dating secrets for women

Do you find yourself getting frustrated by your man to no end? It starts off perfectly, just like they say it would in fairytales.Or do you worry your man isn’t into you the way he once was? It’s all bliss and romance for a good year or two, and then, things just start to change.

] #3 Not all men understand the art of chivalry, romantic gestures and romance.

And yet, somehow, most men and women just don’t seem happy when they come together to create the romance.

[Read: The 9 relationship stages all couples go through] And that perfect romance you once found just vanishes into thin air, right before your eyes. Well, it’s never too late to change your romance stars and bring love and happiness back into your life.

But if doesn’t want to change for you, perhaps, he doesn’t respect you or care enough for you, and you need someone else who can love you for who you are.

[Read: 16 reasons why your man may be so mean to you] #6 Don’t constantly remind him of his past failures.

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