Effects dating violence victims

Victims may show fear and anxiety in response to people who share characteristics of the abuser, i.e., the same sex as the abuser or similar physical characteristics.

Victims may experience difficulties in adult relationships and adult sexual functioning (page 4).

Those with a prior history of sexual victimization are extremely likely to be re-victimized.

Some research estimates an increased risk of over 1000%.

Longer-term effects may be wide-ranging, to include anxiety-related, self-destructive behaviors such as alcoholism or drug abuse, anxiety attacks, and insomnia (p.4).Physical abuse is the deliberate use of force against a child which results, or may result, in bodily harm.It includes behaviours such as shaking, choking, biting, kicking, burning, poisoning, holding a child under water, or any harmful or dangerous use of restraint.Emotional abuse refers to acts or omissions that harm a child's sense of self in a way that causes, or could cause, behavioural, cognitive and emotional disorders.This includes making verbal threats, put-downs, forcing a child into social isolation, intimidating, exploiting, terrorizing or routinely making unreasonable demands of a child.

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Neglect occurs when the child's basic needs are not being met.

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