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Adrienne is the Chicagoan who’s irritated by thirsty fans swarming her “The Wire” star boo, and she might look familiar if you watched two other VH1 shows.I mean this in the most humblest and none boastful way cause I know God love humble people and I'm tryna get into heaven…The writers, the producers, the directors are the best and the cast..man, they are my family now.But I can't be mad, cause' it started a new beginning for me.See after doing The Wire, I've got a responsibility to not come short with nothing I do. First of all, for a long time I didn't even think about politics since I wasn't able to vote because of a mistake I made when I was 14 years old.That's why I'm not rushing to put out my music until it's right. I mean I really didn't understand what all the talk was about because to me politicians just talk a lot but don't really ever do anything, So I didn't care, but now that I have become a tax payer and property owner, certain issues have become important to me, l even work with politicians now on anti-violence youth campaigns and literacy programs for youth and I see that some of them a really trying to make a difference.Issues that are important to me are first, the right to vote even if you did time, I mean did I pay my debt to society or not?

Today, Felicia Pearson is on the verge of celebrating her 28th birthday, a birthday that doctors couldn’t see coming when she was born and had to be fed from an eyedropper due to her premature size.And let me add that Queen Latifah’s character Cleo from the movie “Set It Off” ain’t got nothing on Snoop’s character on “The Wire.” She’s as real as they come.A lot of her character’s authenticity may come from the fact that Snoop’s life up until the moment that she was cast on “The Wire” had been a life of hustling, drugs, and violence with eventually landed her in prison at the tender age of 14.She has seen the conclusion of one of America’s most talked about television series, earned herself fans across the nation, all while representing for Black lesbians from coast to coast, whether she knew she was or not.Now she’s looking forward to her new life as an actress, author, and rapper.

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She was born in Baltimore, Maryland to parents who were drug addicts and was raised in East Baltimore.

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