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It's been a very busy and enjoyable time just lately with trips up to the Lake District and Yorkshire playing some wonderful theatre organs and also down to Wales playing in the grand opening concerts at Paul Kirner's Music Palace featuring the magnificent Christie organ.The two photos below by Erfyl Parry at Paul Kirner's Music Palace: The opening concert weekend 20th August 2016: The opening concert weekend 21st August 2016: What a great pleasure it was to play at the Troxy for the Cinema Organ Society on the magnificent Wurlitzer organ there, and for such a wonderful audience too. SPECIAL OFFER for my CD "SOME ENCHANTED EVENING" - now only 5 !! Have a look on the discography page to see the track listing, and order safely on line via the Contact Me page.

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you again this year as I travel the country for my music shows.

When I completed my 34th summer season at Worthing last year, I was very honoured that the Mayor of Worthing attended my last summer show at the Pavilion Theatre, where he made a speech and also presented me with this certificate.

At Eastbourne last year, on the 10th September, my show was followed by my Appreciation Society tea party.

Here you will be able to keep up to date with where I am playing and have a look to see what new CDs and DVDs are available, as well as read about the history of my career.

Last year was quite a year with possibly my last time playing at the Eastbourne Winter Garden back in July, but what a day it was.

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