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The youngest of five kids, Griffin often entertained her Irish Catholic family and houseguests with her quick wit. From acting to comedy Griffin grew up hoping for an acting career; a Chicago White Sox commercial paid her at age 17.But after high school, Griffin moved from the Chicago suburbs to Los Angeles with her parents.Says former star Megan Mullally, who has become a close friend: "When she's 'on,' there's nobody like her.But there's this misconception that she must be really catty.Griffin's 2007 Emmy acceptance speech (for the first of her two reality-show wins for ) included a satirical reference to Jesus that outraged religious leaders.And dropping the F-bomb and crude remarks while co-hosting CNN's 2010 New Year's Eve show with Anderson Cooper has made that gig's future questionable. Though she enjoys ruffling feathers, Griffin says, she's covering the kind of insult territory mined by Don Rickles and Joan Rivers, legends she hopes to mirror in career length.

But almost any public figure who screws up is fair game.

But she had dabbled in stand-up for years and eventually wrangled time at L.

A.'s Laugh Factory by asking for the club's slowest time slot.

She's a good person, super sweet and a loyal friend.

But she's also smart, and she's making serious bread." Before 's launch in 2005, Griffin mostly played small clubs, once bombing so badly that a club manager asked her to return some of her fee.

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She strung together clips of celebrities and provided running wisecracks, an act that began building a local following. The start of something big Even by basic-cable standards, has never been a big hit; it averaged 936,000 viewers last season, down 15% from Season 4.

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