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If you never installed that option, run the Windows 98 CD and, from the first screen, choose the last option.

Click then on Multilingual Support (I don’t know if that is the exact name) and choose Central European or CE.

For instance, Brazil has welcomed hundreds of thousands of Polish immigrants which build up much of the population of the Southern States, especially Paraná and its capital city Curitiba.

Brazil had early in the 20 century a Constitution dubbed a polaca (the Pole) due to its inspiration on Polish models, and on the economic side, one can add that Poland is the country most indebted with Brazil, although our President has recently pardoned much of that debt.

After being slightly flooded by huge e-mails of Poles correcting my (mainly phonetic) mistakes (hey, I learned Polish without hearing it!

), I decided to actually correct them instead of just posting their e-mails...

The first three ones along with Polish are of the Western sub-branch, the next three are of the Eastern sub-branch, and the remaining are of the Southern sub-branch.

So you see in the verb chapter examples with nouns and pronouns, which are explained earlier.You can alternate between languages by pressing Alt Shift.If the acronym that may appear on the work barr changed then your computer is set to not only read but also write Slavic languages, Albanian, Hungarian and Romanian.The first literary monuments in Polish date back to the XIII and XIV centuries, called Kazania Świętokrzyskie and Kazania Gnieznieńskie.Poland was always linked to Western culture and the Roman Catholic Church, and its language was always written in the Latin alphabet, unlike some other Slavic languages such as Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian or Bulgarian.

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What boosted this change was the Counter-reformation, which in order to successfully keep Protestantism out of Poland, had to publish in Polish and not in Latin any more- ironically that was the thought of the Reformists who started preaching in the vernacular in order to convince the people of their faith.

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