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When it comes to movies appropriate for Halloween marathoning, my favorites aren't those that aim to generate jolts to my limbic system with in-your-face "Boo! However, these days the term "horror movie" elicits greater expectations of CGI eyeball kicks than of goosebumpy chills.

Instead I prefer the movies that subtly drill a tendril into my brain to pick the lock on those primitive fears waiting under my mind's bedframe since childhood.

However, Holden's local colleague, Professor Harrington (Maurice Denham), has realized that their investigations into Karswell's group have uncovered demonological truths too terrible to dismiss, and Harrington begs Karswell to "stop what has begun." But the scientist recants too late.

The urbane and polite sorcerer reminds Harrington that "You said, 'Do your worst,' and that's precisely what I did." Not even Karswell can halt what is underway, and deep in the night-black woods Harrington perishes violently by a giant hellish creature, his death occurring at a date and time predicted to the minute by Karswell.

Although well-regarded today, Demon's reputation took time to amp up.

Considered little more than filler during its initial distribution, in the U. Curse of the Demon was double-billed as the "B" entry with Hammer's Revenge of Frankenstein.

The cold light of reason, Holden is told, casts very deep shadows.

It's Joanna who at the very end, after witnessing the horrific climax of Karswell's demonic conjurings, declares that perhaps it's better not to know some things.

They demonstrate that atmospherics, mood, and suggestion can be more effective than power-sprayer special effects, and that the scariest monsters are those you can't see, at least not clearly (e.g., Alien), because a monster imagined is always worse than a monster standing naked in the studio lights.Much of Demon's tension arises from our watching Holden pull the runes from his pocket and place them back again, the paper fluttering as if alive, while he refuses to recognize the terror stalking him.Holden is our anchor, our point of view that must be convinced of the dark forces on the loose in the dark, and his ghostly encounters in dark hallways, alone in the woods, in a lonely farmhouse, and other scenes where the overriding question is "Who's there? Peggy Cummins also stars as Harrington's attractive niece, kindergarten teacher Joanna.A die-hard skeptic and debunker ("not a superstitious sucker"), his very public aim is to disprove the alleged black magic of "witch cult" leader Dr.Julian Karswell, played with smooth affability by Niall Mac Ginnis.

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