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Seems there is a few on here today that are confused....

Eddie D ( - "There seems to be confusion over class of operation and category of maintenance, then again that may not be the case because the confusion is confusing me." : D: D..a second post Eddie that is a classic...: E Kind of says it all when it comes to interpreting the regs, although it probably doesn't top Aerial Ag Phil's comment on Part 61..

lt should be noted that the outcome of this analysis in no way guarantees that a less restrictive cross wind limit than that proposed by CASA would result.

Based on the 10kt crosswind limitation proposed by CASA, services at the airport could be affected up to 10% of the time.

Progressing this matter will need to be done in accordance with CASA's policy as set out in the proposed CAAP 235.

SAAB is currently considering if a suitable FMS might be generated to allow operation to the 18m wide portion of the runway at Coober Pedy, or if operations to the wider (30M) non-homogeneous Coober Pedy runway may be viable.

Instead, aeroplanes will need to have been assessed by the OEM or by flight test of the aeroplane to determine their capability to operate on narrow runways. John REX don't operate Dash 8, Fokker 50 or B200 but nice thought though...: E MTF...:ok: Just a thought Sarcs, are Saabs approved to operate from gravel?This takes into account the effect of having different braking and performance characteristics when one set of main landing gear wheels is on gravel and the other on a sealed surface.Similarly, aircraft certification is based on keeping both landing gear tracks wholly contained on the same surface with the same friction characteristics.However, as the doyen of deviates has elected to have a parting shot before departing the fix, I thought I may make a riposte to an unpleasant missive which defines the Mc Comic era.Translation: It was perfectly safe before, it is safe now but "we" are going to try to make sure that 'you' can continue your safe operations.

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