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No expense was spared on the two children of this golden second marriage.

Anthony was given the best education money could buy, including several expensive years at a Swiss boarding school where the daily routine included skiing and mountain climbing.

He is the only son of Gregory Peck's charmed marriage to his second wife, the beautiful French journalist Veronique Passani.

Anthony grew up in a glamorous world of film premieres - including a big international launch for his father's huge hit in 1961, The Guns of Navarone - but a life of extraordinary privilege led to expectations that could never be fulfilled.

But the screenwriter insists that everything he knows about addiction comes from alcohol, not sex."Michael Des Barres plays the addict, and the compulsive sex he has in our film is about as beautiful as a needle going into some junkie's arm.

I understand that ugly side of addiction because alcohol took me there."It's a version of hell because you can't control what happens to you, and everything revolves round that next big sensation that's going to make you feel better.

His childhood summers were spent in the South of France and winters in California.

His playmates were sons and daughters of famous people, including the children of Princess Grace of Monaco.

Starring Rosanna Arquette, Nastassja Kinski and Michael Des Barres, Diary of a Sex Addict is a dark comedy that will premiere next month at the Venice Film Festival.This was followed by four years at highly selective Amherst College in Massachusetts, where Prince Albert of Monaco was also a student, and two years of acting classes at the Julliard School in Manhattan.The only part of this education that Anthony seems to recall with great enthusiasm is the skiing in Switzerland.In the early Fifties, his father had ended a troubled marriage to a former hairdresser he met on his way to stardom, with whom he had three sons.The break-up of this first marriage was extremely painful and drove Gregory to despair.

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Meanwhile, Anthony's efforts to become an actor in New York went nowhere.

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