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Readers who wish to delve deeper into the subject of allometry, including the risks and pitfalls of inter- and intraspecific scaling, will find details in such sources as Calder (1984), Jungers (1985a), Martin (1984), Martin and Harvey (1985), Mc Mahon and Banner (1973), and West, Brown, and Enquist (1997).

1) are as follows: N = 706 Range = 427 (10.268.6 cm) Mean = 15.6 (39.6 cm) Median = 16 (40.6 cm) Standard Deviation = 3.1 (7.9 cm) Standard Error = 0.12 (3 mm) Skewness = - 0.16 Kurtosis = 1.89 Both mean and median have changed little with addition of data over the past years.Therefore, I am using here all the available measurements at the risk of increased statistical noise.Excluded are only reports with preternatural content.Therefore, I have availed myself of various pertinent allometric scaling formulae for mammals in general and primates in particular.These permit a more rational extrapolation to different physical aspects of the species than pure guesswork allows.

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Most of the data were collected by John Green (1968, 1978, 1980a, 1980b, 1 980c), of Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada, over the past 40 years. (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico), and the Western provinces of Canada (British Columbia and Alberta).

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