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Pilot also stipulated that only their own Pilotron tubes would perform correctly in the A. "Super-Wasp." Pilot plug-in coils are used for five tuning ranges covering 600kc up to 21.5mc.Shown to the left of the K-115 is the K-120 Audio Booster Unit, another Pilot module (though it is not called "Redi-Blox") for builders, that could be used if loud speaker volume was desired.Though Pilot's advertising claimed they had been in business since 1908 and the company had used several different names during that time, "Pilot Electric Manufacturing Company" was officially founded in 1922 by Isidor Goldberg in Brooklyn, New York.Pilot Electric Manufacturing Company also claimed to be "The World's Largest Radio Parts Plant" in the twenties and they did build all of the parts supplied with their kits.All of the Pilot "Wasp" and "Super-Wasp" receivers found today will vary greatly in the quality of workmanship.Since these receivers were kits, the assembler may have had little or no experience in soldering, wiring or mechanical building.

The user could substitute a 201A for the last audio stage and reduce the plate voltage and bias voltage if a UX-112A was not available.

The lower right-hand switch was wired back to the K-111 to provide an "on-off" switch at the receiver.

The first AF amplifier was a resistance coupled amplifier while the second AF amplifier was transformer coupled along with an output transformer.

However, patience will be rewarded and it is fun to use a 1929 battery-operated receiver to monitor one of the many AM ham nets on 80 meters, especially when running the audio to a vintage horn speaker - talk about "broadcast quality audio" - well, 1929 style anyway! The tubes used were a type 24A cathode and screen grid tube for the RF amplifier, a cathode type 27 for the regenerative detector and two 27s for the AF amplifier.

All of the tubes operated on 2.5vac at 7 amps for the heaters and the K-111 power pack supplied all of the A and B voltages required.

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