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Everything you submit is shared openly and publically for others to see and use.We recommend you Sign In to Open Charge Map (from the menu) before adding or editing information, this helps us attribute the changes to you and is required for certain actions.

Database, API and Web/Mobile App development led by Christopher Cook of Webprofusion Ltd, operator of global registry of electric vehicle charging locations, dedicated to providing the most complete and open information possible. Privacy Notice: This application may need to use and process your location as provided by you or your device, this information may be temporarily logged in some instances.You can use this app to find charging equipment locations near you, provide ratings and comments and to submit details of locations we don't currently have. To prevent sharing your location you may disable Location Services on your device.In the future we may use that information to help correct the equipment location.Instead of commenting when you see information that's not accurate you can directly edit the listing yourself.

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Die DIPLOMA ist eine private staatlich anerkannte Hochschule, die sowohl ein klassisches Fachhochschulstudium (das sogenannte Präsenz- oder Campusstudium), als auch ein innovatives Fernstudium anbietet, das neben dem Beruf oder einer Ausbildung absolviert werden kann.

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