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The tiny fellow danced up and down the room, but the shadowy man could hear the note of panic in the tune he sang, and Viper wanted to laugh at his expense. Viper sat forward in his seat, resting his elbows on his knees, and kept his hidden eyes narrowed in suspicion as he steepled his fingers thoughtfully. Baggins, that name—wasn't that the family name of—Oh. He slowly made his way over to where the hobbit was hiding, and saw, out of the corner of his eye, another slightly less shady-looking man than he was trying to do that same. He arrived at the table and leaned back against it. "Viper was reminded of the three other hobbits that had entered the inn while in Frodo's company. They will find their own way to you." He eyed the nervous hobbit before him. Viper glanced at the other man, who had stopped a few feet away from them, hidden by the panic of the crowd around them, and was observing them with eyes narrowed in hostility. ""I," Viper leaned back, and the two quieted down and listened. I know what hunts you, Mister Frodo."Viper blinked, then brightened. "A stout heart you have, young hobbit," he began, and the little ones' attention was focused on him. His eyes widened as the approaching forms crashed through his gate, and right up to the inn, the Prancing Pony. "We should be leaving now, for Rivendel.""Rivendel! I'd been under the impression that it had been lost to that fool of a king."Ah, there we go. The all flung of their packs and settled down under an overhang near the hill's summit. And, to his horror, the Ring seemed to lift itself higher, forcing his hand along with it, up to meet the hand of the Black Rider, the ghostly king, the wraith—Frodo jerked back, taking the ring with him, and the Nazgûl howled in rage. It seemed fun enough, so I thought I 'd give it a shot. I'm also using this as a way to further my writing abilities, so I will be putting lots of hard work into this, and would be overjoyed to get some constructive criticism and advice.

But he just couldn't give up the thought that, if that man, that supposed close and loyal friend of his parents, hadn't betrayed them—then, maybe, he wouldn't have to suffer as he did. He hadn't been exactly sure how to react, when he found out he couldn't join his loved ones, all of which had already passed on. Ohmer struck up conversation again after he'd downed his glass, and Viper found himself wondering why he was doing this. A , he thought bitterly, before tuning in on the quiet conversation once more when Frodo asked another question."What happened to her? She died." Strider said, mournfully, and Viper wondered why the story made him so tearful, like now. ""Yes, well," Strider glared up at him, "now is not the time to be speaking of this." He looked down once again. The Ranger tensed and spun around pinning him with a intense glare, but Viper only tilted his head, saying nothing. "I did not think we were as close as to understand one another without words, Strider. "Trust me."Strider turned his head and stared at him for a while, eyes searching his shadowed face, until the Ranger seemed to find something that satisfied him, and he nodded with a small smile. He didn't hear what was spoken—though, he could have if he so wished—but eventually the hobbits were all nodding and smiling at Strider tiredly. I will not start updating it until I'm finished or have reached chapter ten, so there's not need to rush through it and beg for new chapters. Did I do anything you liked and want to see more of? I'd really love to hear what you guys think, so please read and review!They did their best to keep their family, friends, and comrades protected, but nothing would last long enough. He is something special—in fact, he's one of the few who still has the blood of the old Kings from over the Sea! " The door burst open, and a blur dashed into the room, reappearing at Frodo's side. "The wizened old wizard sat back against the board that rested at the foot of the bed. With the skills of Lord Elrond, you are beginning to mend."The door opened once more, this time more gently. "Welcome to Rivendel, Frodo Baggins." Elrond greeted warmly.o Oo Oo Rivendel sits high above a gorge thick with pines and deciduous shrubs. But age, it seems, has finally caught up with me." He gave Frodo a sad smile, as the younger hobbit shuffled through to the front of the book to view the map of the Shire. "I spent all my childhood pretending I was off somewhere else… My own adventure turned out to be quite different... Viper watched this quietly, before speaking from his place just inside the doorway.They'd lost many—but it wasn't until the couple had been directly targeted had their leader taken extra measures. Delicate waterfalls, shimmering in the afternoon light, traced their way down to the river below. I'm not like you, Bilbo." He shook his head."What do you mean? "You look afraid." he observed, smooth voice cutting into the silence.His parents and himself—by then, he had been just a little toddler, barely the age of one—were taken to a safe place; a place the enemy did not know of, shouldn't have known of. "The two conversed for a while longer, discussing the journey, with Frodo asking many questions that still plagued his mind. "He had these two daggers—I didn't see much, but he managed to fight off those wraiths faster than even Strider was able! A stone bridge spanned the chasm as a cloaked rider upon a black horse gallops across the plains above the falls, making it's way down to the gardens below. Strider stared up at the Lady for a few moments more, before turning to face the hooded man.It was tightly secured, barely even three people knowing it's locations, not including himself and his parents. Eventually, they reached the point where Frodo and the others had been surrounded by the Ringwraiths."Your choices could have used some improvement," Gandalf scolded the young hobbit, and Frodo sunk in his place on the bed. I don't know much about him, he didn't talk about himself, much, but he is fun to talk with..." The hobbit grinned. In such gardens, Sam led Frodo by the hand to be reunited with their hobbit friends. " He cried, rushing over to his fatherly figure and embracing the old hobbit tightly. Bilbo looked aged, and frail, but he could still see that hard glint that longed for adventure in his eyes. He considered Viper, then seemingly deciding to throw caution to the wind.

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The magic necessary for the spell to keep them safe, however, needed someone else—a close friend, that would never speak a word of it to anyone. "But," the wizard went on, "to have come so far, and through such dangers, still bearing the Ring—I believe you've done very well." He smiled. "Well, I do not think we would have made it very far, if it wasn't for Strider, and Viper."Gandalf nodded, smiling, then he paused, raising a brow. Yes, quite the mysterious man..." he eyed the hobbit. Pippin and Merry gathered around the smiling Baggins, chattering happily about the rest journey he'd missed."You should have seen Strider's face, Frodo! "Viper wouldn't stop grinning at him for the rest of the night! Frodo blinked in surprised, curious, before turning around. Bilbo smiled happily, patting the younger's head of thick curls. He looked down and picked up the tome Bilbo had been reading from. "I am Isildur's heir." he replied, voice weighed down heavily.

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