Updating oneself with current market scenarios

As a result, in day to day life, people are not as fulfilled as they wish to be. The beauty of this question is that it instantly makes you smarter and the problem-solving skills it activates gives you inspired solutions to your problems.They do not perceive how things are connected in the now. Use this question to reconcile seemingly incompatible parts of you. Make meaning of this question and use it as you wish. ** Choose to let go of the belief that you cannot have 'both' or everything you want. In the background lecture for that first question, I mentioned that some people believe that they have to let go of good stuff in order to have what they want.** Use this to work out where in your life you are assuming you cannot have both.This lecture is a quick tester for you to see if you are preconditioned in your life to believe that you cannot have everything you want. What comes to mind may just feel like words- words perhaps you are starting to hold less weight.You have a divine intelligence that you could tap into in order to grow exponentially and positively impact the world around you. These questions will help you take all your power back! Beyond a shadow of doubt, I know that if you ask these questions you won't just be a more evolved you, but you will be the real, incredibly powerful you who you are meant to be.What I love about this course is that it will keep growing because there are literally hundreds of questions that can help your transform your life and be totally fulfilled.

Even when departing a place, we never really know for sure if a mark has been made. That which is not in our awareness cannot as easily be shifted.

Let me know what your answer would be and what changes you will make to make this life fulfilling. Only good can come from these games, these questions. There is an ancient Greek saying- ‘Know Thyself’, that I am sure many of you have heard of before.

At times we lose sight of who it is we want to be, and there is no bigger shake-up than thinking about our own funeral and the words that would be spoken at our eulogy. Socrates said in relation to this ‘Care about the greatest perfection of the soul.’ He admitted self-ignorance and encouraged his listeners to actively pursue self-knowledge.

Finish these sentences in your head and then write them down. But sometimes, the first words you blurt out are the ones that are coming from your place of social conditioning. I know that if I am going to have quality relationships I have to… Two areas of my life that just don’t seem to work together are… Share in the discussions to see how we can look at that from a new angle. So this question may not be completely foreign to you. If I had all the time, suddenly I would have the energy to… If you notice any recurring patterns or themes in terms of how you would spend your life, make sure you put something in place to do more of what matters most to you.

Were you giving yourself some damn good advice there? I think it can be used flippantly or in a context only meaningful to the person asking. You want to use these questions at the right moment.

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