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Log in to Reply Hoda Kotb’s parents are native of Egypt but also lived in Nigeria for a time before settling in the U. Ethnicity is not only based on the tone of our skin. If you look again, Leslie said the original Egyptians. I mean if your going to pick through Dynasties, I can do that:example Kind Huni 3rd dynasty: Vwa NO8/TQizm SCOHe I/AAAAAAAAAr8/b Xy GM0CFz84/s400/king huni %28 brooklyn museum %29 1Amenhotep 111: III_They’re all before Ramesses However lets take that red hair.

Your under the idea that black people don’t have red hair naturally.

Log in to Reply I’m going to nickname you “angry black guy #2”. Here it is two days later,and I’m still on your mind(I see my name everywhere in your posts),while I haven’t given you a second thought. Which is why you kept accusing Follers of being black,when she repeatedly stated she was white. BTW I have never stated all African Americans were mixed, I said the average one.

Egypt has ethnic diversity in groups like Siwa Berbers, Copts, Dom (Persians), Beja, Saudis, Yemeni, and Nubians.please come on she does look italian american or even Irish american im the last one who would say about ethnic or exotic people that they look white but here im sure she does look white Log in to Reply Sub-Saharan Africans who are racially black and Egyptians who are racially Middle Eastern/Eurasian/North African, are both geographically African.However, they’re racial, genetic, and ethnic makeups are usually different.She is light complexion, but not as much as someone like Alicia Keyes for instance. Even some black people owned white slaves Now I wanted to keep the debate civil,but you wanted to drag it down to something else,which is when I called it a night .By American standards she would be considered black…even though there needs to be another “race” category added to america..”Mixed Race”. Log in to Reply @gottlob HAHAHA man you have a love jones. When you simply could have sidetrack to a white celeb,or if you felt there weren’t enough white ones,go to the suggest a celeb part,and add more white celebs,but you didn’t do that. Your next tantrum was that ,anyone that disagreed with you was a angry black person. Yet if calling me angry makes you feel better,go right ahead.

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  1. Korea, Hong Kong and Mainland China - It's still difficult here because women in these countries are more socially controlled (her friends would shame her if she's with a black man, for example.) Japan and Taiwan - Interracial Dating is the least socially controlled in these countries. Your Asian date might have never seen a 'Fro' before. In any case you'll also be discovering her and her culture as well.