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Locations named Noyken or Noyden were described in the Teutonic chronicles in 385.

Though it sounds like Nida, this hypothesis was rejected recently.

" I strongly believe, that schools should have modern computers, but there is no need in using them for all the subjects.

Now the question is: "Should schools provide computers for students to use for all their school subjects?

Kiekvienas trokštame laisvės, ją turėdami galime laisvai kurti, reikštis ir pan.

Neretai žmonės knygose ieško pramogos, tačiau pasirinkę tinkamą kūrinį jie gali rasti daugiau nei ieškojo.

Knygos, kurias mes skaitome, kurios mus sudomina arba ne, kažko mus moko. Kūryba turi įtakos savęs ieškojimo, apsisprendimo kelyje.

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  1. As someone of an age to remember vinyl-roofed Ford Cortinas and T-bar school sandals I can instantly tell you the answer to 9 x 6, and even 8 x 7, the times table sum declared by mathematicians to be the most difficult to remember.

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